From living spaces to urban spaces. YKK AP has kept pace with the times and leads the way into the future.

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About Us

Corporate Vision

Cycle of Goodness

Management of Principles

'No one prospers without rendering benefit to others.'
'No one prospers without rendering benefit to others.' By creating new value with innovative ideas and inventions through our business activities, we not only expand our business, but also bring prosperity to our customers and business partners. As a result, we can contribute to society. Tadao Yoshida, YKK's founder, coined the phrase, the 'Cycle of Goodness', to describe this philosophy. We carry on this philosophy, which forms the basis of all our business endeavors.
'YKK seeks corporate value of higher significance.'
YKK AP pursues new quality in seven areas of corporate value. Rooted in the idea of fairness, we create value in a way that brings all these elements together and manifests as corporate value of higher significance.

Green Building Council Indonesia

Energy & Atmosphere

Using window and glass systems for finished goods product reduce the sunlight to minimize electrical energy consumption for air conditioning.

Material and Sources

Quality product is our priority with guaranteed system of after sales services.

Indoor Environment Quality

Using waterflow system of the windows as controlling function to regulate the air and provide comfortable in the quality environment.



Kawasan Industri Manis, Jl. Manis Raya No. 23, Desa Kadu. Curug, Tangerang, Banten, 15810, Indonesia
has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of

ISO 9001 : 2015

For the following activities:

Design, development and manufacture of aluminium profile and aluminium architectural product Design. Development and manufacture of project construction of aluminium architectural product for high rise and residential buildings.

ISO 14001 : 2015

For the following activities:

Integrated Aluminium Manufacture : Aluminium Profile and Finished Good (Comprise Aluminium Door, Window, & Curtation Wall)

Corporate Social Responsibility

YKK AP Indonesia fulfills environmental concerns and responsibilities by contributing to the activities of society, environment, and local communities. We plant mangroves and so on. And we provide social consciousness of environmental preservation.

Oct 12th 2018

Donate 200 million rupiah to the victims of Palu, middle of Sulawesi province through the Red Cross from YKK group.

Aug 21st 2018

Donate 100 million rupiah to the victims of Lombok Island through the Red Cross from YKK group.

Mar 27th 2017

Training & Launching "Bank Sampah-YKK Partner Dasana" at Desa Sukatani, Tangerang

Jan 21st 2017

Training&Launching"Bank Sampah-YKK Partner Dasana" at Desa Bojong Nangka,Tangerang

Jan 14th 2017

Plantation 2000 mangroves for prevent coastal erosion in the area. Patra Manggala, Tangerang

Jan 11st 2017

Donated unused 10 set Computers & Printers for factories and 5 schools

Dec 26th 2016

Dec 26th 2016, Donate 200 Mango Trees to the society, Tangerang

Dec 16th 2015

Plantation 2000 mangroves for prevent coastal erosion in the area. Mauk, Tangerang

Dec 12th 2015

Home improvement for the chosen householder in Solear Village, Tangerang

Feb 12th - Mar 7th 2015

Home improvement for the chosen householder in Solear Village, Tangerang

Jul 7th 2014

Plantation&Hygienical Donation for Elementary School of Tarakanita, Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Jun 19th 2014

Donated unused Computer for Junior High School of Muhammadiyah, Bojong Nangka, Tangerang

YKK AP Global Network

The goal of YKK AP is to be a truly international company that develops high-quality products within each country’s climate and culture, aimed at mutual progress.

ASEAN Branch


  • Kawasan Industri Manis Jl. Manis Raya No.23, Ds Kadu, Kec. Curug,
    Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia 15810
  • Tel. +62-21-591-9073 (8:00~16:30) Fax. +62-21-591-9074


  • 7 International Business Park, #02-02/09 TechQuest Building,
    Singapore 609919
  • Tel. +65 6268 3333 Fax. +65 6265 7517

PT YKK AP Indonesia Representative Office in Vietnam

  • 11th Floor AB Tower, 76 Le Lai Street Ben Thanh Ward,
    District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  •  Tel. +84 8 3822 8900 Fax. +84 8 3822 8901


  • D4-3-5, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1 Jalan Dutamas 1. 50480,
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Tel. +60 3 2301 7400 Fax. +60 3 2301 7401

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YKK AP Thailand conduct after sales service to continue maintaining customer when they have problem with the problem and also provide services and trust. YKK AP Thailand providing high quality products and customer service to keep the value of YKK AP Thailand. It also provides services by design consultant, highly skilled staff, and we can give customer satisfaction.