Series of aluminum-based door consists of a wide selection of colors
combined with aluminum windows. Designed specifically to prevent water
or insects from entering the room, Exhido is made of international standard  aluminum with an elegant design suitable for the concept of a harmonious home.

Single Door
Minimum Size: 800 x 2200 mm
Maximum Size:1100 x 3000 mm
Double Door
Minimum Size: 1550 x 2200 mm
Maximum Size:2150 x 3000 mm

SCK Pocket Key

Simple and Sophisticated Handle

Handle and lock integrated with simple yet sophisticated design. The handle has a bold arching design that emphasizes the sharp look. During the LOCKING or UNLOCKING action, the slit on the handle emits a LED light to perfect its beautiful design. Three high grade metallic color options for the handle are available.

Top End Security System

Working with two lock with a single-action, when you are inside or outside your house. After getting home or leaving home, a detachable thumb turn is effective against possible crimes (smashing a glass door).

Relock Functions Relock Functions

As a part of an enhanced security system, a “picking prevention system”, for example if a key is fraudulently unlocked, it would lock again when the door is not opened within 50 sec. The “glitch prevention system” will prevent a careless mistake, and there is the “automatically lock system” which is very convenient.

For both Inward and Outward opening door

You can choose it for inward or outward opening door.

Pocket Key
As a Remote Control

By having a “Pocket Key” with you, the lock can be done or undone by pressing the button on the handle. It can also be used as a remote control.

Pocket Key

Built-in Key A “Pocket Key” has a key built-in when power failure, It could open to use a key.


Design Variation

  • Maximum height 3000 mm and width 1100 mm
  • Made from international standard aluminum of architectural building materials
  • Free from termites, water leakage and decay problems
  • 8 mm & 10 mm and laminated glass 5+0.38+5 mm can be used

Slit Panel Design

Slit Glazing Design