From living spaces to urban spaces. YKK AP has kept pace with the times and leads the way into the future.

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Interior Partition
Free Space Design

Strong Point

For it is possible to fulfill H3000 mm that means it is able to install full height up to the ceiling. It's also able to express the sense of openness and unity with L shape corner.

Safety Consideration

End Cap

This cap is put at the upper and bottom stile to prevent feet injury as safety consideration during operation of the sliding door.

Door Stopper

This parts is set up as a the stopper to prevent door jumping from the track due to unexpected collision.

Bottom Sill

We consider the users who often spend bare feet indoor to pass safely by set up the safe shape and specifications of the bottom sill.

Color Variation

Powder Coating

Pure White

Matte Black




Chestnut Brown (YB1N)

Midnight Black (YK1N)